Multi award-winning composer Matt Herbst is rapidly carving out a name for himself in the Hollywood film music landscape.  His knack for capturing the essence of a film through his unique musical sensibility has the filmmaking community listening up and taking notice.

Characterized by rich melodies, strong rhythms, and infectious energy, his musical style has drawn comparisons to John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Alan Silvestri.  His extensive scoring experience has led him to the most prominent recording stages in Hollywood including Capitol Records and Warner Brothers. 

After studying piano from an early age, Matt developed an interest in composing and double majored in piano performance and music composition as an undergraduate. He then completed graduate studies in film scoring at the University of Southern California's world famous film scoring program where he learned the techniques and processes of modern film music.  While there he worked with several industry veterans including James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight) and Christopher Young (The Grudge), mastering today's cinematic sound.

While his talent allows him to write music in virtually any genre, he has a particular flair for action, dramas, and suspense/thrillers. His personal policy of providing uncompromising musical excellence to each project he works on has garnered him several honors including the prestigious BMI Award in Film Scoring. Matt is a member of ASCAP and works from his studio in Los Angeles, CA.


I recently started uploading videos from some recording sessions to my YouTube page, where you can see me in action.  Please check out the link and subscribe for the latest.